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Tifa Lockhart
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September 2007
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Tifa Lockhart [userpic]
Precious, precious userpics

cosmicoutlaw-mun rocks me.

Also; does anyone want custom icons? [points to current!] :D Requests, etc?

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Current Mood: gratefulgrateful
Current Music: Trust Company - Downfall

I'd request, but Shard's such a pain in the ass to find pictures of. But the icons you've made are awesome!

Thank you~ :D

Lordy, you ain't kiddin'. Oh well, I'll dig some more--or maybe I could do some fancy stuff with the icons you already have? :3

I've gotten lucky in that she did show up on several covers that could be used, but...yeah. Pain in the arse.

I wouldn't say no if you wanted to play with the icons I have. :)

Ask and you shall receive!

If you want anything changed/added, lemme know, k? :3

Woo! Awesome. I'm definitely taking them all. They look really good!


When I get a little more time on the computer with Photoshop, I'll put some more special effects on them. :3

Ooo. Thank you.

I love some of the names on them. Pass Shard Her Wallet? *snickers*

XD My filenames can get pretty creative, since I just whip them off when I'm finished the icon. I was hoping you'd get that one! lol

Well, I don't really get that one. It's entirely possible that I've missed whatever the line comes from. :)

Haha, oh shoot. Have you ever seen Pulp Fiction? Sam L. Jackson's character plays this hardass hitman named Jules; some dude at the end tries to rob him in a diner and takes his wallet. He sits the guy down and basically intimidates him into giving everybody back their money and GTFOing--his big line is, "Pass me my wallet, it's the one that says 'Bad Motherfucker' on it." XD

Ha! Actually, it's one of those movies that I really do have to see. I just haven't yet. But yes, I can definitely see it for that icon. :)

SUCH a great movie. I want Sam Jackson to adopt me and be my Dad. 8D

I'm glad you like them! If you ever find any other images you want for icons for Shard or any other pups, just holler and I'll see what I can grind out for ya. :D