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Tifa Lockhart
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Tifa Lockhart [userpic]
Precious, precious userpics

cosmicoutlaw-mun rocks me.

Also; does anyone want custom icons? [points to current!] :D Requests, etc?

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Thaaank you! :D *happy dance!*

We should probably talk about...stuff. *is apparently in highschool still*

Dunno if you know, but this is Snape-mun. I'm at work now, so I can't really get on, but my AIM is "i spy slytherin"

Kurt: I have to share a brain with this man. Ach!

Really, I figure that while the LOL-powered initial love-love-attack is over, it still made a BIG impression on Kurt and since Tifa's someone he would flirt with anyway, so long as she doesn't wake up the next day screaming at the thought of the freaky guy (which it seems she didn't), he will very happily be very smitten with her. ;3

Okay! Whee, I'll add you!

Heehee, yep, which shocked me! Hips-mun filled me in; I actually play the Becky Chambers you drew a few icons for a while back, so I was pleasantly surprised. :D

Sounds good. I figured it's something similar for Tifa, but the out-of-left-fieldness is probably higher for her since she's no idea that the Nexus can do that kind of thing to people (her first LOL, aw) and plus she's... well, she's not used to being attracted to anybody but a certain emotionally unavailable popeye midget. So that would be great for her, too--he's pretty well swept her off her feet!

He doesn't know it's LOL either - he's just very romantic and easily caught up. There may be some weirdness if/when he finds out but hey, what's not to just shut up and thank your blessings for? ;)

Heh, ja - I heard it was you from Eiko'mun. I've branched out quite a bit from the old Professor Grumpypants days! My OOC-rp-talking-general-hooha journal is snapples_apples also. Getting enough pups that just posting OOC rp info on Snape's journal is a bit silly.

Exactly! Poor Tifa's been sorely lacking the whole loving on for the last while, so she just sucks that stuff up, even if it's a little awkward to start with. :D

Okay! I'll add that one, too. I never really followed your Snape closely except for the last little while, but much, much love for he, Kurt and Beth. They both were two of my favorite pups in the whole community, and finding out that one person behind the both of them was just awesome.

Hee, thanks! Eiko told me and I went "That's the cute girl I did the icons for! Awesome!"