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Tifa Lockhart
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The -- new -- Seventh Heaven is a bit larger than the old establishment, not that Vincent would know. It's been cleaned up since its erection, sawdust having been swept from the floors and the walls of the upstairs rooms painted in a sort of dark adobe colour that creates a warm atmosphere. The bar downstairs is different shades of slate and lacquered black.

When they land, they land in the center of the main upstairs hallway. The floors have been stripped of carpeting, the hardwood polished to a well-trodden lack of sheen that suggests many little feet have worn its luster down over the last few months. There are two rooms and a bathroom up here. It smells earthy; woodstoves, cooking spices and line-dried linen.

"We can put you up in my room," she says, subconsciously positioning herself to reach out and catch him if he topples over. "It's this one..."

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I am so bad at keeping up with these things. Hi everyone. How are things?

Stuff is okay here. It's the fallout season, so most people are staying inside because of the soot and rain and things like that. All of the kids have found homes, too, and really good ones... Barrett finally saved up enough to send Marlene to the fancy school over by old Nibelheim, so the nest is empty. Kind of lonely, but business in the 7th Heaven is booming, so it's not all bad. You guys should come over and have a drink some time, on the house.

Well, that's the report. Hope to see you guys around soon,

~ Tifa

It's been a good week.

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Two months? Wow, where does the time go...?

How is everybody? Doing well, I hope?

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My Inner Hero - Paladin!

I'm a Paladin!

I strive to help others, and to bring truth and harmony to the world however I can. Whether times are good or bad, you can always count on me. I'm a shoulder to cry on, a champion for the helpless, and an all around nice person.

How about you? Click here to find your own inner hero.


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Go here and look through random quotes until you find 5 that you think reflect who you are or what you believe.

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I don't know what's going on here, but...

This girl says Hanatarou contacted her with a message; the facts all line up, and it sounds like him.

An alternate of some guy named "Kaa"...?

cosmicoutlaw-mun rocks me.

Also; does anyone want custom icons? [points to current!] :D Requests, etc?

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